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CTRL+ALT+CANC in Remote Desktop Terminal Services

Quando siete in Terminal Services su Desktop remoto la combinazione Ctrl+Alt+Canc viene recepita dal computer locale.

La combinazione corretta per il computer remoto è CTRL+ALT+END ossia CTRL+ALT+FINE.

Ecco altri shortkut:

Remote Key combination Description Local Key combination
CTRL+ALT+END Opens the Windows Security dialog box CTRL+ALT+DELETE
CTRL+ALT+BREAK Toggles the Terminal Services client display from window to full screen NONE
ALT+INSERT Cycles through running programs on the remote computer ALT+TAB
ALT+HOME Displays the remote computer’s Start menu  
ALT+DELETE Displays the remote window’s Control menu ALT+SPACE BAR
CTRL+ALT+NUMBER PAD MINUS Places an image of active window onto the TS clipboard ALT+PRINT SCREEN
CTRL+ALT+NUMBER PAD PLUS Places an image of the entire Terminal Services client on the Terminal Services clipboard PRINT SCREEN
1 aprile 2009 @ 09:29

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