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TFS find in files version history with Visual Studio 2010 and 2012

Recently I needed to find in all files version history of a TFS 2010 project with Visual Studio 2010.

Searching on Google I found Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 extensions, developed by Mattias Sköld, that allow you to achieve the goal.

Let’s see how to find inside all version of files with Visual Studio 2010 on TFS 2010.

Once installed the TFS Administrators Toolkit for VS 2010 extension we will get the feature by right-clicking on the TFS root Collection from Team Explorer window, as illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1

We you ckick Find in Files the followinf popup will open:

Figure 2

Figure 2

As you can see in the Figure 2, the feature allow you to:

1) Select Team Project
2) Filter by extension file type
3) Search or not in the file history
4) Specify search terms (keywords) with case sensitive and regular expressions options

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