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Instagram for Android? New competition from Google with Pool Party!

Due to the success it is having Instagram on iOS platform (currently not yet available for Android), many are moving for an hard competition to the most popular application for sharing photos with smartphones and tablet. So great is its success that many spin-offs are emerging that exploit the API Instagram, first of all Followgram that extends the basic functionality of Instagram to get a Vanity URL for a gallery of own photos and a follow button to embed in own site/blog.

The new application that promises to give hard time to Instagram is Pool Party, and was released by Slide, a company that is part of Google Inc.
Like all the news by Google, Pool Party is available from the App Store or the Android Market, but you can use it (signup) only by invitation.

We await the official release of Pool Party, since it is currently in beta, and we’ll see what’s new with will present for a market so full of users.

Here is a preview:

August 22nd, 2011 @ 01:24

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